What keeps service providers up at night?

By Bob Krulcik, SVP, Sales and Business Development – The Americas

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Internet service providers are struggling now more than ever to stay relevant, and many are finding ways to maintain relevancy while others are being hit hard as they struggle to capture users’ time. ISPs are worried about becoming just a “dumb pipe” for platforms like Microsoft and Google that simply want to push content through them.

Bob-KrulcikSince OTT platforms are providing a fuzzy future and legacy providers have struggled to stay relevant, the question turns to vectoring resources to whatever enables the strongest user experience. As I recently covered on our blog, there is a surefire way for ISPs to avoid their nightmares: ADD VALUE by adopting the three Rs of business success — Re-engagement, Recirculation and Retention. Re-engage through more offerings and developing a strong and identifiable brand. Recirculate by directing customers to other areas of a SP’s business, and focus on retention through increasing the breadth and depth of the provider’s portfolio. Today, I’d like to expand this list by adding one simple idea: trust.

As has always been the case, service providers that deliver excellent and consistent service with good value, a strong user experience, and support, build strong trust between their clients and themselves. By providing a consistent user experience that can be trusted 99.9% of the time, ISPs will gain the confidence of their consumers and prove their relevancy in today’s fast-moving technology landscape.

Because customers have come to expect free email, calendar, and productivity tools, ISPs are finding that their current battle is one of branding, as content is constantly changing and in some cases being ripped away from them. As they fight for relevancy, trust is what determines how many customers stay, and without it, massive exoduses can be expected as competing firms try to answer the market’s demand.